Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in the world, but without proper preparation, it can be a grueling journey. In this post we will cover everything you will need to pack, and guide you through the various hikes and falls.

Packing for Havasupai Falls

Regardless of the length of your stay in Havasupai Falls, you will want to keep your backpack as light as possible.  Hiking 10 miles in the heat with a 40 pound backpack is not fun, I learned this the hard way.  While you are packing your bag, be conscious of how much weight each item is adding to your pack.  I would recommend trying to keep your pack under 35 pounds.

The Essentials

  • Backpack
  • Lightweight Tent / Hammock
  • Light Sleeping Bag
  • Hydration Bladder (at least 2 liters)
  • Flashlight /  LED Lantern

  • MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) / Top Ramen
  • Lightweight Cookware
  • Lightweight Backpacking Stove w/ Propane
  • First Aid Kit

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Hiking Socks
  • Aqua Shoes / Old-Pair of shoes
  • Sun Screen

Backpack – You are going to need a legitimate backpack, a simple Jansport won’t cut it.  I would recommend at least a 50 liter pack.  You can find some of the lower end packs for around $50 – $75, but you’ll be better off investing in a quality bag that you can use long after you leave Havasupai.  Osprey makes some of the best backpacks in the market.  I own the Osprey Atmos 65, and it was perfect for the trip.  You can also rent backpacks at several stores (like REI) for around $20 a day.

Lightweight Tent / Hammock – While you can do without a tent or hammock, you will want to bring one.  It can get pretty windy in the canyon, and combined with the dust, can make for an unpleasant experience.   Most lightweight backpacking tents will run you north of $200.  A $20 Walmart tent will do, but at the cost of adding several pounds to your pack.  I went with the The North Face Kings Canyon 3 Tent. The tent is lightweight, has good ventilation, and provides excellent coverage against the dust and any inclement weather.

Packing for Havasupai

Sleeping Bag – This is one of the items I neglected on my trip, and my girlfriend and I quickly discovered that it can get pretty chilly at night during the spring and fall months.  We had brought a light blanket, but I would recommend bringing a light sleeping bag.  Again, the lighter the weight the better.  A sleeping bag like the Marmot NanoWave 55  will keep you sufficiently warm for the chilly Havasupai nights.

Hydration Bladder – This is the single most important item to have on your trip!  You will be hiking over 8 miles in the heat without a water station, so having at least a 2 liter hydration bladder is a must!  An antimicrobial bladder by Camelbak or Osprey with a 2-3 liter capacity should do the trick.

Stove/Fuel – Nothing beats a hot meal after a long time of hiking.  Having a lightweight, easy-to-use stove to boil water and cook food is the way to go.  My friends brought both the MSR Pocket Rocket and the Jetboil Cooking System. Both were great for boiling water to use for MREs, Top-Ramen, instant coffee, and cooking eggs.   Remember to get the proper fuel tank for your stove, as most  backpacking stoves aren’t compatible with the traditional Coleman propane tanks.

MREs – Meals ready to eat are a great way to have a hearty meals without adding a ton of weight to your backpack.  We went with the Mountain House brand and they were great.  All you need to add is boiling water, and you have beef stroganoff, lasagna with meat sauce, or beef stew (my groups’ unanimous favorite).  The package says 2 – 3 servings per pack, but one hungry man can easily wolf down one on his own.   Top Ramen is also a quick, easy meal to bring to Havasupai.

Cookware / Utensils  –  What good is bringing supplies for hot meals if you don’t have anything to cook it in?  Bring some lightweight cookware to boil your water in and prepare your hot meals.    I went with the Emergency Zone Lightweight Mess Kit and it was great for the trip. I would recommend picking up some reusable utensils as well.

First Aid Kit  – It is always a good idea to carry a first aid kit.  Bands-aids, blister bandages, alcohol wipes, and an ace bandage should all be included in your pack.

Flashlight / LED Lantern – At night it is pitch black, which is great for enjoying the stars, but not for wandering to the campground bathrooms.  You will want to bring a flashlight, LED lantern, or headlamp, as well as a spare set of batteries.

Hiking Shoes / Hiking Socks / Water Shoes – The hike to the campground is nearly 11 miles from start to finish, you will want to make sure you have quality hiking shoes that are broken in.  I made the mistake of having wearing shoes that I wore 2-3 times (not hiking) and I ended up with huge blisters on the balls of my feet.  Hiking socks are important to wick away moisture to help prevent blisters from forming.  Bringing a pair of water shoes allows you to hike through the water without injuring your feet on the jagged and slippery rocks.  Bringing these shoes allows your to hike through the water on the trek to Beaver falls, which makes the hike much more enjoyable. The Speedo Men’s Surfwalker Pro 3 worked perfectly for my trip. I would avoid Mary-Jane style water shoes, the opening on the top allows for small rocks to get into your shoes.

Sunscreen – Once the sun rises over the canyon, you are going to want to make sure you put on some sunscreen.  Work on that farmers tan, but make sure you have some SPF 30+ on.


Hiking Havasupai Falls

The 10-mile hike from Hualapai Hilltop to the campgrounds is moderately difficult.  Our whole party was exhausted by the time we reached the campgrounds. Plan on hiking for 4-7 hours each way.  The trail is dry and hot,  so bring at least 2 liters of clean drinking water, there is no water for the 8 miles until you reach the village of Supai.  The trailhead begins with 1 mile of switchbacks, where you will descend 2000 feet into the canyon.  Make sure to pay attention to for the mules that the Havasupai Natives use to carry supplies to and from the camp (as well as your bag on the hike back.  You can reserve them at the campground). You will want to stay on the side of the trail to avoid getting trampled by the animals.  Be sure to keep an eye out for wild horses and other creatures,  we even spotted a rattle snake, so be attentive!

You continue on the trail for another 7 miles before you reach Supai.  The first 3 miles of this trek offers very little shelter from the sun.  Eventually, you will reach the of Hualapai Canyon at the junction of Havasu Canyon.  You will see the beautiful, blue flowing river.  Once you reach the river, you only have 1.5 miles until you reach the village.

Once you reach Supai,  you will need to check in at the tourist office.  Make sure you have obtained your permit and made your reservation in advance.  There is also a great convenience store that is stocked with chips, jerky, frozen gatorades, water, and other snacks.  This a great place to recharge for the last 2 miles of the trek to the campgrounds.  There is also a diner, grocery store, and more in the town, so take a moment to explore.

After leaving the village, you will continue descending down for another 1.5 miles, and you will reach the breathtaking Havasu Falls.   The stunning waterfall plunges about 100 feet into a beautiful turquoise pool.  Havasu Falls is reason enough to make the journey from the hilltop.

You will continue past Havasu falls for another .5 miles to reach the campground.  Once you enter the campground, there will be a faucet for fresh spring water on the west side of the canyon.  It is considered safe to drink, and our party had no issues with the water.  A friend brought a 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier and it was great to have at the campsite.  Having the 5 gallon jug eliminated the need to visit the spring every  time you ran out of water in your bladder, and was great for meal times when everyone needed water for their meals.

Havasu Falls

Havasu FallsAs I mentioned, Havasu Falls is just .5 miles away from the campgrounds.  We enjoyed spending a day there swimming in the pools and

exploring the surrounding area.  The falls drop over 100 feet into the pool below.  It also cascades into another pool that is great for swimming and small cliff jumping.   A few of my rock climbing friends enjoyed climbing the mossy wall next to the falls and jumping off that as well.

You may have read online that the falls have changed due to floods in 2009.  While Havasu Fall might not be as powerful as it once was, it is still a wondrous sight.  Don’t be discouraged by people saying it has changed since the floods of 2009.

Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls is the largest of the Havasupai waterfalls, plunging over 190 feet into the stunning blue pool below. While it is only a .5 mile hike from the campgrounds, it is no walk in the park!  Descending to Mooney Falls requires you to enter a small tunnel, followed by chains, ladders, and metal handles that allow you descend the cliff.  Exercise caution and take your time descending down the cliff.

Once you reach the base of the canyon, you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the falls. This is a great place to spend a day picnicking and hanging out. While the Havasupai Falls website suggests not cliff jumping, we were able to find a few places downriver where you were able to. Definitely test the depth of the waters you want to jump into before you jump, a lot of the pools look much deeper than they actually are.

Beaver Falls

Beaver FallsFrom Mooney Falls, continue down the trail for 3 miles or so and you will reach Beaver Falls. This hike is much more enjoyable if you have brought water shoes.  You will get wet on this trail, and with water shoes you can spend a good portion of the trek hiking through the river.  The trail can be  difficult to spot, just continue downstream and you will be fine.  Along the hike you will see the Havasupai Vine Desert.  The vines cover the whole length of the canyon and are a great photo opportunity.  You will soon reach a point where you can climb up a ladder to continue the hike, or cross across the river.   You will want to cross the river.  If you take the ladder, you will have to hike around the whole base of Beaver Falls to get to the swimming pools.   Beaver Falls’ pools are a great place to go for a swim and do some cliff jumping.


Trail Distances

Hulapai Hilltop to Campgrounds – 10 Miles

Hulalap Hilltop to Supai – 8 Miles

Supai to Campground – 2 Miles

Campground to Mooney Falls – 0.5 Miles

Mooney Falls To Colorado River – 8 Miles


Prices and Camping Fees



  • $35.00 per person – Entrance Permit
  • $17.00 per person / per night – Campground Fee –
  • $5.00 per person – Environmental Care Fee


  • $145.00 per night – Up to 4 people
  • $40.00 deposit per room / per night
  • $35.00 per person – Entrance Fee Permit


  • $187 – Round Trip on Horseback *
  • $93.50 – One way trip to or from camp *
  • $85.00 per person – Helicopter Service / one way

*Arrangements must be made in advance through the office

Be sure to visit the Official Havasupai Website for full details



Havasu Falls

Information & Resources

I hope you found this guide helpful and helps you create a memorable  Havasupai Falls experience.   There are other great guides out there, many of which I read in preparation for my trip.  Below are a few that I found helpful.

http://www.havasupai-nsn.gov/ – Official Havasupai Falls website.

http://www.wildbackpacker.com/backpacking-trails/havasupai-trail/ – Great overview of the trails of Havasupai

http://www.trailsherpa.com/blog/2010/08/23/havasu-falls-backpacking-gear-list/ – Pack list that I used to prepare for my trip.

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  • Cady Seiter

    This is such a great guide! Thank you! How many days did you stay down there?

    • http://www.mikestith.com Mike

      I’m glad you enjoyed the guide, Cady! We stayed there for 3 nights. I wish I could have stayed there longer though.

      • karinakarina

        Hi Mike!
        We will be heading there next week, unfortunately we could only get a reservation at the lodge for one night. ..what are your thoughts on hiking in one morning and out on the next morning? Thanks so much!

  • Nicole Perez

    ballpark, how much did this trip cost you?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      I purchased a lot of the equipment listed in the article before the trip, so that ran up my costs quite a bit. All together with equipment, travel, and park fees the trip ran me around $600. You can do it for much less than that though.

  • Dina

    Hi Mike, thanks for all the information… I am planning for a trip in September and we will be staying at the campground (provided we can get the necessary reservation and permits in February). I see that it is about 2 miles from the village to the campground and that it is a steep walk – I had thought we might get dinners at a place in town that supposedly sells burgers and sandwiches. That seems like a lot of extra walking now that I think about it though. Do you recommend cooking at the campsite just using a pocket rocket type thing to heat up water and add to a Mountain House dinner? Is there a place in town that serves hot food?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      You’re welcome, Dina. It is a bit of a walk back to the village from the campgrounds, and it really depends on how tired you are from the day. There is a diner in the village, but we didn’t eat there until the day we hiked back. The pocket rocket with the Mountain Houses were our staple while we were there. There is a general store before you reach Supai on the hike in, and they sell a variety of foods that you can stock up on before the final trek in.

  • Jan Kroon

    Hi. Do you have to bring your own tent, or do they have rental tents in Havasu campground?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hi Jan, you have to bring your own tent as far as I know. I don’t believe they have rentals at the campground. They do have a lodge you can stay at if you don’t want to bring a tent.

      • Jan Kroon

        Thank you for reply Mike.
        We tried to book the lodge, but is is completely booked end of september. To bad! So thought camping is good alternative, or even better. We’re from Holland and have to travel light. We can’t bring tent and supplies. Maybe we can buy a small tent somewhere on our way.

        • Nishant Agrawal

          Jan – You can rent the tent at REI store. They have one in Flagstaff and I used to rent from them all the time earlier. Or you can buy an affordable one from the ubiquitous walmart as Mike also mentioned in the post above

  • April

    Thanks for the info! We’re heading down April 20. We have reserved 4 nights but trying to figure out how long is needed. Thinking possibly 3 nights is enough and able to carry down that much food. What are your thoughts? Thanks!!

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hey April,

      You’re very welcome! You can bring down 4 nights worth of food, but I would recommend bringing a few days worth of food for the hike in, and then stop at the store in Supai for additional supplies. That way you can stock up and only carry the food for the last 2 miles.

      The Mountain House MREs I mentioned in the post worked really well for our trip and are light to pack, just make sure you have enough fuel for your stove. They don’t allow fires in the campgrounds.

      I hope this helps!

      • MaryE2

        Mountain House sells a “device” that heats and cooks quickly. It comes with a small pad and you pour salt water on it and voila!

  • Cesar Cardenas

    Hey Mike just wondering, did they have fire pits with grills over at the campground, if so did they sell firewood there?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hey Cesar,

      Unfortunately, they don’t allow open campfires at the campground. It’s very dry out there, so there would be high risk for a fire. I recommend bringing a camping stove to cook meals with. The Jetboil System I mentioned in the post worked really well for our trip.

  • Elodie

    Hello, thank you for your description. I’ve planned to come (from switzerland) in july 2015. I want to do the journey in a day even if I know that’s to recommend. But do you know if it is possible to get a permit only for a day? thank you

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Yes, you can get a permit only for a day. I would recommend either using the mules or the helicopter if you plan on staying for a day. Hiking there and back in one day would be extremely grueling.

      • Elodie

        Thank you Mike. I called them yesterday. They answered but a problem happened and they didn’t hear me. If I only do one day hiking do I need to get the permit by phone or can I just come the same day? Thank you very much for your help.

        • Vernon Hebert

          I have no clue about the permitting…but I live in Arizona. Temperatures in July are going to be up around, if not over 100 degrees F. So about 40 C. If you’re coming from Switzerland, you’re not going to want to attempt a 20 mile hike in that kind of temperature.

  • Shae Blackwell

    Hey Mike – great information on the hike! One of the best first hand accounts I’ve read. I am headed there in July (not able to get a reservation yet but calling daily for any cancellations – willing to pay the double price for no res.) Before reading your post, my thoughts were 60L pack, MSR PocketRocket, and a NanoWave 45. I definitely feel confident in those choices now. Still looking for a more lightweight tent than the one I’m thinking about borrowing from my boyfriend. I considered a hammock but will be spending a few days kayaking and camping on the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry so I think a tent is a better option. Think I’ll have any trouble showing up without a reservation if I’m willing to pay the additional at Supai?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hey Shae,

      I’m glad you found the guide helpful! I’m not sure if you’ll have trouble showing up to Supai without a reservation. I can’t see them turning down double the price, but I would call and make sure. A hammock isn’t a bad choice for the campgrounds, but if you are going to be spending a few days hiking and camping, a lightweight tent and a small air mattress might be the better choice.

      Have a good time on your trek!

      • MaryE2

        Better to call…there are always cancellations for the lodge and campground…

      • Shae Blackwell

        Mike, we ended up not pursuing permits for Havasupai and decided instead to hike Paria Canyon last July. We started from the Whitehouse trail-head and hiked to Lee’s Ferry in about 2.5 days. It was about 38 miles of amazing scenery. We spent the following two days kayaking the Colorado River with rental kayaks from Marble Falls. All the same, your packing list came in super helpful and we plan to attempt permits for Havasupai again in the future. In other news, I’m doing the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in July of 2016. You should check it out! Another goal is a thru hike on the John Muir Trail. Getting super inspired by all of your followers and Wild Backpacker!

  • Nishant Agrawal

    This is a great guide, Mike. I just started researching for this camping trip to Havasu falls. We were thinking of a 3 day trip in June but from the response of people in the comment section it seems that it would be difficult to get campground reservation now :(
    – Nishant

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Thank you for your kind words, Nishant. We booked our campsite in January to visit in May, but you won’t know until you give them a call. It’s definitely worth a shot!

  • pam

    mike, what info do you know about the helicopter rides to and from the falls? we realize it’s first-come-first-serve but wondered if you knew how much of a possibility it was that it will happen if we get there early to get tickets/passes. thanks

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hey Pam,

      I don’t think you would have to much of a problem with getting a helicopter if you got there early. I would give them a call though and double check. When I visited they were going back and forth the whole day.

    • MaryE2

      The helicopters fly from 10 am (tribal time) to 1 pm. Plenty of room if you get there early that day and get in line. Important to note that they only fly some days of the week, not all. Also, if you take your pack and are camping, the bag will be dropped off with you in Supai. Get a packhorse if you want it delivered to the campground.

  • pam

    thanks Mike. calling them tomorrow to get all the specifics. do you think we’ll have any shot to get a night at the lodge or does it book way far out?
    oh – might be a silly question (possibly missed the answer somewhere also) – is there swimming in the falls? my kids asked…:)

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      You’re welcome, Pam. I hope you were able to book the lodge. I’ve heard it books pretty far in advanced, but you never know unless you call.

      You can definitely swim in all 3 of the falls. Havasu Falls and Beaver Falls were my two favorite to swim in.

  • Heather Miller

    The campgrounds sell out super fast. I had to booked the lodge for 11/1-11/2 which is fine in the mid 60s-70s temp., but the problem with that is I would have to take a helicopter ride back because I would not be able to camp/stay once I reach Havasu Falls with enough time too explore and see all of the falls listed. What would you say is the best bet for people who can’t get a camping permit in time and want to see the most that a 2 night stay at the lodge can offer? Thanks for the tips @disqus_2rUSCfSYzD:disqus

  • Megan

    Hey Mike, I’m headed to Havasupai the second week in June and I was planning on just bring my eno hammock to sleep in. Would you still recommend a tent or will I be fine with just my hammock?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hey Megan,

      One of our friends slept in his hammock, but he did have one rough, windy night. You should be fine sleeping in a hammock, but I would prefer to sleep in a tent, personally.

      Have fun on your trip!

  • Rafael Cardoso

    I would love to visit such a amazing place! Would someone like to go from Las Vegas? If so, please tell me. I will be in the U.S. until January 2016.

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      I hope you’re able to find someone to go with, Rafael!

  • Quintin

    Thanks for such a great post. The gear list is super helpful. I am planning on hiking in as part of a group of 3 people on July 10th-11th. Unfortunately we were not able to get a reservation for out dates. Does you or anyone here have any experience arriving without a permit? If anyone has extra space that weekend let me know. qtxr2015@gmail.com

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Thanks for your kind words, Quintin. I don’t have any experience arriving without a permit. I would suggest giving them a call and asking the Havasupai tribe about it.

    • Joana Ude

      Quintin, did u go without the reservation? My husband and I are going at the end of September, and we’ve been calling for 2 months and could not get the reservations. As we ar from Brazil and do not know when coming back to the US we are going to hike down and try to stay at the camping. We think it worth, even paying double the price.

  • Miklos Kertesz

    My wife and i are staying at the lodge on July 7th because the campground was full. Is there a couple out there that would like to split the cost of the room and crash with us? Each room has two queen sized beds and holds up to four people.

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hope you have fun on your trip, Miklos!

  • Nancy Chang

    Hi I am driving from Las Vegas on Jul 5th, and just made camp reservations for Jul 6/7, returning to airport on Jul 8th. If anyone wants to drive there or back.

  • lisa

    Just a safety question. Is it safe to travel by yourself or do you suggest a group? I really want to do this hike but my girlfriends are being wussies and no one wants to become a hiking diva. I just got back from hiking in Ireland and Scotland it was long and grueling but well worth it.

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      I would recommend going with a group, especially during the summer months. I never felt unsafe, but I was with a large group of friends. There seems to be some people in the comments section looking for people to go with. You could try reaching out to them.

  • carla

    when is the best time of year to visit?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith


      I would say the best time of the year to go would be Late March – May, as well as September – October. The summer months can be unbearably hot with tempatures reaching 110 degrees fahrenheit. The winter months the water would likely be frigid, so I would recommend visiting in the spring and fall.

      • carla

        Thank you so much for your reply!!

  • Heidi Love Holzem

    Would there be anyone looking for 2 additional people over Labor Day weekend? I’d love to go the 4th – 6th of September

  • Amy

    If anyone has a reservation for September 5th-7th of this year they are willing to give up because they can’t make it anymore or if they are willing to add two more people, please please please let me know! My 30th bday is in September and all I want is to go on this hike. amaher562@gmail.com

  • KD

    Does anyone know if there’s still an option to ride horseback? I was told the horses/mules were for pack-carrying purposes only, not for riding. We are planning to hike down to the campsite, but was curious if there’s still the option to ride a horse going back up.

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hey KD,

      I believe you are able to pay for a horseback ride. I found this page (http://havasuwaterfalls.net/horses.html). I’d check that our for more info.

    • MaryE2

      Horses are available going up only. You reserve the saddlehorse in advance and pay in advance. You meet it at the campground at 7 am. The caveat, is that these horses virtually run up the canyon. So if you are not in terrific shape or a very seasoned horse rider, make sure you take the helicopter instead (only available on some days). I fell off my large horse, and have been laid up with 7 broken ribs, etc. A good option is to reserve a packhorse for your pack and walk back up.

  • Tara Lindsey

    Great article! Thank you for all the helpful info!
    What is your advice on bringing pets?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hey Tara,

      Thanks for your kind words! I wouldn’t recommend bringing your pets. We met some people who took home a stray dog they found who was covered in ticks and fleas. I don’t know if it would be the best place to bring your pets.

  • Donna Walls

    If you don’t have reservations to Havasupa falls (10 mile trip) can you just show up that day and do the hike?

    • http://www.mikestith.com/ Mike Stith

      Hey Donna,

      I believe you can, but to get a campsite without a reservation I’m pretty sure they charge you double. I would recommend contacting them directly to find out for sure.

  • Holly Hunter

    How long does it take from Phoenix (like Carefree Highway and I-17 area) to get to the starting point…is it Peach Springs? Thanks!

  • Vedeline Torreon

    Hi Mike,

    This is a great post. Thanks for sharing all these valuable info. Are you going back any time soon?

    Not sure if you can answer, but worth a try. Do you know if it is possible (okay) to sleep in the car for the night upon arrival at the Hill Top/Parking Lot? I will be driving from California and will be at the parking lot late at night and planning to start the trail early morning. Any thoughts and comments?

    • http://handymanedge.com Travis

      It is definitely possible to sleep in the car the night upon arrival at the hill top parking lot (lots of people do it). That’s what we did and then headed out on the hike in the early morning.

  • http://travisfarnes.com Travis

    Nice guide! I think this is one of the guides I used before I went in September of 2014. I’m going again in September of this year. I remember looking at quite a few websites trying to get all the information together on what to bring. I wrote my own packing list here (http://travisfarnes.com/havasupai-falls-packing-list/) that could be of some more help to other people looking to go. I’ve got pictures of all the exact things I brought with me.

  • Susan

    Hi – Planning on going mid August (yes, know it will be super hot). Hoping to start hiking at 5 AM. Do people start that early?. Hiking down, staying in the lodge and hiking out early the next day. Will there be someplace to buy breakfast near the lodge at 5 AM? Or do I need to make sure to buy breakfast the night before? Thanks.

    • http://travisfarnes.com Travis

      That’s the best time to start so you aren’t hiking in the blistering heat. You can get breakfast at the cafe in the village but they don’t open till 6am so just keep that in mind.

    • lbr9349

      Hi Susan, when are you planning on going in August? Any chance you can add 2 more people to your reservation if you are going 8/14-8/17ish?? lbr9349@gmail.com

  • Whitney

    Thanks for the information. What do you think about bringing young children? Doable?

    • Carlos Izquierdo

      as someone with young children myself I would say that is too young for two main reasons: #1 you are going to have to carry her for much of the hike and that adds 20 pounds to whatever weight your backpack is, and #2) If she isn’t talking enough to clearly articulate possible issues then it can be very stressful for her ( some kids don’t really talk until 2 years so it depends on the kid). I’m not doubting your ability and nature savvy, but as you know yourself, things just take 2-3 times as long when you are caring for young kids. Consider how much time it will be before they can walk at least half of it without being carried… And if that doesn’t dissuade you, maybe give a 4-5mile hike a try to see how you, and your child, might fare.

  • Bonnie Hines

    My husband and I have been trying to get through to the lodge for about a week now. We have called dozens of times during the hours posted on their website and emailed but haven’t gotten a response. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Danielle Hansen Burt

      I am in the same boat…we are wanting to visit the Sept 18 and 19th …have u heard anything?

  • lbr9349

    I am trying to go 8/14-8/17 for my birthday but they are booked through November???? If anyone has reservations and cancels or will let me BUY their reservation from them or ADD 2 people to your reservation, please respond!!! Thank you! lbr9349@gmail.com

    • Danielle Hansen Burt

      I have had the same experience. ..did u get through

  • Jonny J

    We lucked out on a cancellation and I can’t even describe the majesty. My wife blogged it up here:

  • Ameya

    Looking for day camping/loge permits for 2. Dates are flexible…Sept4/5/6 Any day works. If anyone is willing to share then please let me know. Willing to pay extra if any1 has reservations and are cancelling. Please email me at ameyak88@yahoo.com

  • Eduardo Ayala

    Sounds like no joke! Haha but definitely sounds like a great experience. I plan to go one of these days. Hopefully before summer ends

  • Karen Hobbs

    How many nights of camping so you recommend for a trip where you can hike to all the fall and not be in a rush? Also,do you stay the whole time in one camping spot and hike back up the way you came down? Thanks, I’m a newbie!

    • Nikki

      I would also like to know the answer to this question!

  • http://www.gottabemobile.com Cory

    I’ll be at the top of the trailtop Sunday at 6AM August 23rd ready to start hiking down. Anyone else going? Looking to have a good time, but sadly only enough reservations to stay one night. I hope the hike in will be worth it for one night of camping. From the photos, I won’t be disappointed.

  • Patrick Gallgos

    Heading there October 8, spending two nights at the falls.

    • Katy

      Hi Patrick – did you just get your permit? I am trying to get a spot somewhere between Oct 5-10 and can’t get through. Thx. Katy

      • Patrick Gallgos

        I did! Called first thing in the morning on Monday about two weeks ago.

        • Katy

          oh wow awesome! I will keep trying i suppose!

          • Ashlan Broderick Martin

            I called this morning for the 9&10 of october and didn’t have a problem.

          • Katy

            ah really! I still can’t seem to get through :( Do you know if you need to book campsite or could you just throw up a hammock somewhere down by the water?

  • Scott

    Anyone willing to share a permit around September 17-ish? Please reply. Thank you

    • Danielle Hansen Burt

      My husband and I will be there the 18th and 19th of sept…we don’t know much about our plans but know we want to lodge or camp. I am trying to research what I need but I’m guessing we will need a permit!

  • Maria Valentine

    Looking to camp September 22nd or 23rd or even share a lodge reservation. We’re a late 20’s couple from NYC. We’ve been calling and haven’t had any luck yet.

    • Tyler Gault

      I was looking into havasu and came across this. I’m guessing you are the same folks from El Tovar on the south rim. My mom and I and Luna had drinks next to you. Good luck finding a spot. From what I’ve read you can get lucky going for it w/o reservation. If its not the same couple, MY BAD lol

  • Cynthia Robles

    Hi! Anyone willing to share their camp reservation for the night of Sept. 3rd? or last minute cancellation and want to get their money back? let me know! please! contact me at carobles11 at gmail.com

  • Donald Kelley

    Do you need to make reservations to camp or just for lodging?

    • Ted

      Yes, you will need to make reservations for camping.

  • Lange Pyper

    Does anyone know how you reserve pack mules and how much? Also how far in advance you would need to book?

  • Kris Ballada

    Hello! I’ve been calling them since April and I haven’t had any luck at all. Anyone willing to share camp for sept 11-14? It’s just me & my husband and we’re on our late 20s from LA. :) pls email me mz_kriz@yahoo.com

  • Tessa Charley

    Do you know if you still have to carry your own trash? I know that rule was in effect some years ago, just want to know if it still is.

    • venny

      Com on what kind of questions is that, even if they have rules we all must follow also if there’s no rules we should use common sense,
      Please pick up your trash,

  • Templar 6

    Great info well written and to the point! Good job

  • Jacob

    Looking to get Campground reservations but can’t get through to anyone does anyone have the right information to call for reservations

    • Ted

      Keep trying the numbers on the website, eventually you’ll get through.

      • Jacob

        Thanks Ted you finally got through we got our campsite and our permit

  • Jacob

    Any couples going to Havasupai on the weekend of the 16th to the 18th of October I would like to share a campground I’ll pay for the campsite my email is Jacobmays80@yahoo.com

  • Mike Chambers

    Any suggestions on best time of year to do this?

  • Michael Gethers

    Hey all, would anyone have room for 2 on a hiking and campsite reservation for the weekend of 9/26-9/27? Would love to share a campsite if so! Would also be happy to buy your reservation from you if you’re no longer going. Let me know, thanks! michael.gethers@yahoo.com

  • Prem NK

    Looking for a single space to camp on any weekends in late Sep or Oct. Any groups hiking that don’t mind me joining? I won’t slow you down or bother, this will be my first hike & camp so looking to go with some experienced folks. I do need a reservation, if anyone is cancelling one spot pls let me know. kraftwagen007@gmail.com

    • Jacob

      Hi Prem this is Jacob my email is jacobmays80@ yahoo.com did you get permit if not contact me

  • kate

    In need of 3 camping/hiking permits for the week of Oct 24 through Oct 31. Would be willing to share the campsite or buy the tickets. Please let me know sportykatie21@aim.com

  • Sharon

    Hi! Is there someone going on 21 en 22 october. I am traveling alone and this has been on my wishlist for a long time and will be leaving to go to europe after. This is my only chance.. Someone willing to let me have a tiny piece of there campingspot?!

    • Jacob

      Going on 16 and 17 October if you are interested

      • Kim Lewis

        Hi, I am traveling alone and have wanted to visit Supai for more years than I can remember. I’ll be in the area in Mid-October for a very quick trip. Please let me know if anyone has camping reservations for the evening of October 15th or 16th and is willing to share a tiny piece of their camping spot or is cancelling one and wants to get their deposit back. My e-mail address contact is klewisaustx@gmail.com.

        • Jacob

          Hi Kim this is Jacob my permit are for 16th and 17th of October if you were still interested in those dates
          my is jacobmays80@yahoo.com please contact me

    • Erik

      At last minute my party bailed. I’m going on Oct. 24-26 (2 nights). If interested shoot me an email at azhiking67@gmail.com

  • Satchel B. Greece

    I would love to go on this hike for a day. I will be in Arizona for a weekend and thought it would be nice to do this one day.

    • http://travisfarnes.com Travis

      It’s not something you do in a day. In fact, you’re really aren’t allowed to day hike it and you wouldn’t even want to.

  • Ed Ku

    is it possible to do it the distance on mountain bike? is it very steep hike?

    • http://travisfarnes.com Travis

      It’s really not possible on a mountain bike. It’s rocky and sandy.

  • Steven Smith

    My daughter and I are shooting for 2 nights (October 29, 30) at the Havasu Campground. It’s the last leg of our circle tour starting at Zion. Getting a reservation is proving to be a challenge as all October dates are booked. Not sure if permits can be shared or transferred but we’re definitely interested if you have room in your party. Contact sjsmith.0000@gmail.com.

    • kaley silva

      Hi Steven, I called today 9/17/15 and some slots have opened up for from October 26th through November 1st. I hope you see this in time to call and reserve! Good Luck!!!

      • Steven Smith

        Thanks Kaley. I literally called an hour ago and was able to book our preferred dates of October 29th and October 30th. So excited. Even better, no more daily calls hoping for a cancellation!

        • kaley silva

          No problem! When I heard they were booked I was so bummed but I was dedicated to calling everyday as well! Nicely done! Enjoy!

  • Jacob

    What does it cost for a mule to take our packs from the campground to the hilltop

  • Manny Moreno

    I will be in AZ for a long weekend, I’m looking to join a group for a hike Oct 29 – Oct 30. Thanks M

  • Supreet Gill

    Hi my husband and I are trying to go there in Nov 10, 11. All the campsites and the lodge is booked. Does anyone have room in their campsite? we are willing to pay. please contact me at gill.supreet4@gmail.com

  • http://travisfarnes.com Travis

    If anyone needs detailed packing advice feel free to check out my packing list here: http://travisfarnes.com/havasupai-falls-packing-list/. I can also answer any questions you may have. I love Havasupai!

  • Best of Zona

    Havasupai is awesome! If you have already hiked down to Beaver Falls and have time, check out the west rim trail and the area around Upper Navajo Falls; gorgeous and convenient to lodging/camping! http://bestofzona.com/arizona-upper-navajo-falls/

    • Oceana Mount

      Hello, I have reservations at the lodge for March. I am getting concerned about all this talk of reserving permits. Do I need to reserve those far in advance as well?

  • David Moss

    Two things as I read this: 1. MRE means you don’t need to add water because it is a Meal Ready to Eat. 2. The website provided is not the official website but a non-tribe money making commercial website.

    • Andrew

      An MRE does require water…

      • David Moss

        The Meal, Ready-to-Eat – commonly known as the MRE – is a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging bought by the United States military for its service members for use in combat or other field conditions where organized food facilities are not available. The MRE replaced the canned MCI, or Meal, Combat, Individual rations, in 1981,[1] and is the intended successor to the lighter LRP ration developed by the United States Army for Special Forces and Ranger patrol units in Vietnam.

        Each MRE weighs 510 to 740 grams (18 to 26 oz), depending on the menu.[5] Since MREs contain water, they weigh more than freeze-dried meals providing equivalent calories.

        [1] Mason, V.C., Meyer, A.V., and Klicka, M.V., Summary of Operational Rations, Natick, MA: U.S. Army Natick Research & Development Laboratory Technical Report TR-82/013 (June 1982): The MRE was officially type-classified for adoption in 2000 b.c but due to budget cuts was not officially placed into production until 1981; stocks of the MCI continued to be issued until exhausted

        [5] Martin, Don (February 24, 2008). “Anatomy of an MRE”. Neil Gunton. Retrieved 2009-10-06.

  • John Lewis

    Hi, I have wanted to visit Supai since the 1980’s and will be in the area again from October 15th through October 18th. Unfortunately, the Havasupai Reservation office has repeatedly indicated that all the camping/lodging spots for October, 2015 are filled.

    Please let me know if you have a mid-October camping (or lodge) reservation that you may want to cancel/sell or have a single spot that you are willing to share for a night from October 15th through October 18th. I’d be happy to pay for either and appreciate any other suggestions you may have in locating Supai lodging. My e-mail is john.lewis@rpsgroup.com.

    Thanks for your help, John

  • Bhavin

    I am looking for October permits please let me know at bhavinshah36@gmail.com or 480-738-9759.

  • Nithya

    Is anyone willing to share their reservation for Oct 3/4? We are a group of 4, but we don;t mind being part of multiple groups. We have a reservation for Nov 8th and would be totally willing to exchange that or pay for the campsite even if you’re not up for the exchange. The only reason we can’t go in Nov is because we would be out of the country by then.

    • Greg Cerrato

      can we buy your permit from you?

      • Nithya

        Sorry. I already gave it away to someone who asked earlier.

  • jess

    Looking for permits for Oct 25th through the 30th, Please let me know if anytone has extra permits. Still trying to call everyday.

  • Sasha March

    Is anyone willing to share their reservation for Oct 3/4? We’re a group of two on a honeymoon :)

  • Nithya

    I have a reservation for Nov 8th, and I won’t be using it. I’m willing to give away the reservation information to someone who needs it. Let me know. You can email me at go4it.nith@gmail.com.

    • Genevieve Garcia

      im planning to go there. is it hard to get a reservation?

      • Nithya

        Yes, they are pretty much booked for the remainder of this year. But I’d suggest that you keep calling in case cancellations occur

    • FrancinMarie Ovalle

      Nithya is your reservation still available? Very interested! My husband is coming back home and I’d like to surprise him : )

  • Charlie

    Looking to visit Havasupai and am pretty flexible with the dates. If anyone has a reservation they’re not using or doesn’t mind a tag-a-long (who will pay) please mail me. lafiurcm@gmail.com

  • Pedro Rodriguez

    I have reservations for 6 at the campground for October 9th and 10th. My friends bailed so it’s just me now. I’m doing this whole shebang in ONE DAY. If anyone wants to share the campground, contact me at parodriguezc@gmail.com.

  • Pancham Mayur Parikh

    I was interested in going during the Thanksgiving weekend. But of course they said campgrounds are booked through end of the year now and will open reservations in Feb 2016. Is there a significant chance of cancellations, and should I keep calling them every couple of days to find out? Or if I am willing to pay double price and go without reservations, would I for sure get a campsite? Any other option for 3 people to go there on thanksgiving. Any advice is appreciated. pancham.generic@gmail.com. Thank you.

  • Prem NK

    Anyone have space for one person? I’m open to any day in November

  • Brent Whitson

    My wife and I have been trying to secure permits in the campground for 5 months. We are traveling to Havasu on November 12th and 13th. Does anyone have advice or know of anyone going during this time? Is it a bad idea to just “walk-in?”

    • Jacob

      You have to call on Friday mornings and Monday morning that’s when they hand out the cancellation permit call a couple times each day

      • Brent Whitson


  • William Heileman

    looking for permits for 2. anytime nov23rd-27th. any advice? im fun haha

  • Katie P

    Willing to pay double the money for 3 permits for Oct 28 and 29th. Called today they are still saying booked up. please email me if willing to share. sportykatie21@aim.com

  • Omer Gozen

    I need 1 permit for the weekend of Nov 7-8.

  • Mallory Millette

    Looking for two permits anytime until November 6! Even last minute cancellations, we’ve been trying for months! Call or text Mallory at 515-249-2353 or email at mallory.millette@gmail.com.


  • Jose Matuz

    I have 4 permits available for Nov 8th. Text me at 619-721-6755

  • Josh Wingstrom

    I’m a solo traveller, avid hiker, pilot, and rock climber who is leaving Vegas the week of Nov 15th-22nd to hike and explore Havasupai / Grand Canyon. If anyone has 1 extra permit you can count on me for a vehicle, excellent 2-person tent, plenty of gear, and the ability to keep up with anything. My phone number is 808-347-8896 and email is wingstro@hawaii.edu.

  • Nick MacNeill

    I need a permit for 2 for Dec 19-21. Text me 920-382-3123. I have something special planned for her for this hike so it would mean a great deal to get a permit. Thank you!

  • roni

    first time visiting havasupai in november , camping for 3 days , so far i have packed 2 yoga/ thick pants , two long sleeve shirts , i furry sweater ( for night time ) and one regular sport sweater for the hikes , will this enough warmth ? or should i take thicker clothes ?

  • ws

    Anyone have 2 extra permits/camping spots for Nov 11 and 12th? Email if you can help out. wpsvec@gmail.com

  • Josh Wingstrom

    Change of events, I now have one extra permit for the 16th and 17th of November. 808-347-8896/wingstro@hawaii.edu if you’re a good hiking partner.

  • Brian Ko

    Have 2 extra permits for 11/21-11/22. please text 4802717146 if you’re interested.

  • Nina

    Need 2 permits for 11/26-11/27. Email if you can help out nienghuang@gmail.com Thank you!

  • Giri

    If any of you have 3 extra permits for November 28th, please text 949-537-9377. Thank you

  • Bianca Suquett

    So after you hike down to the camp ground, how do you get back to your car? do you hike back up?

  • mahi mahendra

    If any has one or two permits for Nov 26th or 27th or 28th…please text 4698798571…

  • Javier Inzunza

    So, I called the number to ask about the permit or reservation, but I did not understand what the person on the line was saying. Could anybody explain to me how exactly the reservations for camping work? I am trying to plan a camping/hiking trip for April 24th.

    • Chris Lesniak

      Hi i was wondering if u were able to get a permit because im having an issue too for the 28 of april i cant get ahold of anyone was wondering if maybe u went online some how its really hard to get thru to someone

      • Danny Negrete

        They won’t start taking reservations until February 1st. Try then. Lines will be super busy though so it may take hours or even days to get through.

  • Whitney

    Looking for 2-3 permits for anytime now through January! Can text/call 9512071302 or email whitneyunanue@gmail.com

  • Caitlin Parker

    looking for one permit now anytime through the end of January! Text, call or e-mail me if you have an extra I could buy from you! 509-551-1202. caitlin.r.parker@biola.edu. I am a grad student living in socal who backpacks often (from the PNW).

    • Danny Negrete

      Have you tried calling the camping office? They may have some now. Even if it was fully booked, people tend to cancel as the dates get closer

  • Alicia Baker

    Great review and guide! Where do you suggest camping the night before hiking 10 miles? Alicia @ http://www.girlonahike.com

    • Danny Negrete

      Lots of people sleep in their car at the hilltop parking lot. Aside from that the town of Peach Springs has at least 2 lodges (About an hour away from the trailhead). I stayed at a motel in Kingman for super cheap, it was a 2 hour drive to the hilltop.

  • Kay Dubble

    Has anyone hiked to the campground with a 1.5 year old in a carrier and/or while being about 5 months pregnant?

  • Chris Lesniak

    Does anyone know how to get a permit i cant get ahold of anyone

    • Danny Negrete

      They start taking taking reservations on February 1st. But expect the lines to be super busy for a few days.

      • Alycia Worst

        Hey there! So, reservations open on 2/1 for what time period? And I assume permit reservations are for ability to make the hike, correct? (I am new to this! ) :)

        • Ronnie Casas

          That is correct… You have to check into the tour office when you arrive in Supai and pay them before hiking 2 more miles into the campsite.

        • Jessica Long

          If you got a reservation for the lodge, do you have to call a separate # to get permits as well?

  • Mark Danzi

    Would appreciate any information on how big the campground is and how crowded the trail, campground and falls are. We would be going for a long weekend in October. Thanks!

  • Christina Blog Wetravel.to

    Thank you so much for this extensive guide. People are really getting more interested in visiting the falls. I featured your article on Wetravel. Let me know if I need to change anything! https://www.wetravel.to/stories/havasupai-falls-going-viral-what-you-need-to-know/

  • Suz

    Anyone who has reserved campsite/permits over the phone, did you just get a confirmation number? I was expecting to pay and maybe get permits ahead of time, but they just gave me a confirmation # and said I would pay and get permits when we arrive. Anyone else calling today? After about 7 hours, I finally got through. Crazy!

    • Aly Addison

      Still calling….This is awful. Glad you got through. Did someone just pick up or how did you finally get through?

      • Suz

        Yes, finally someone answered. All they did was take my name and phone number, the dates we wanted, and the number in our party. Then they gave me a confirmation number. I asked if that was all I needed for camping and permits and she said yes. She said we pay and get our permits when we arrive.

      • Suz

        Good luck. I hope you get through soon!

      • Ronnie Casas

        Just keep calling… I had a lady pick up. Caught me off guard cause was half asleep and feeling like a robot by redialing and redialing.lol.I called the number that ends in 2121.. good luck!!!

        • Missi

          I tried all day no luck…what time should I start trying tomorrow?

          • Ronnie Casas

            The campground reservation opens at 7am (Mountain Standard Time) so I would start callin once it opens…Just keep trying…it is frustrating, but eventually you will get through. Good luck Missi!!!

          • tiyana briyana

            incase you have any extra spots for May 28th or 29th could you please please please email me at tiyanabriyana@gmail.com

      • Hiker1

        Good luck. I started calling non-stop on auto redial at 7:59 am and finally got thru at 10:05. i was able to make my reservation for memorial day weekend, to my surprise. I have tried making reservations the past 2 years on opening day with no luck. Usually by the time I got thru, every weekend in the whole summer was already booked. I can’t wait!

        • Jessika Fairbarn

          I’m trying to book the same weekend. Nervous. Haven’t been able to get through. I’ve got about 15 people counting on me!

          • Olivia Sharp

            Did you ever get through? I’m gonna try calling on Monday for the same week! Mine and my boyfriend’s dates are flexible though, so maybe we won’t have trouble finding options!

          • Jessika Fairbarn

            I did but they were booked through November. :(

        • tiyana briyana

          Incase you have any extra spots for May 28th or 29th could you please email me at tiyanabriyana@gmail.com

      • Joy

        This whole reservation process is going to BREAK me. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • April Snell

      I’ve been trying all day, hope to get through soon!

    • Ronnie Casas

      I got a confirmation number as well. I can’t wait!!..Took me about five hours of calling to finally get through…

      • Suz

        Great! Thanks for posting. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

      • Selene

        What phone number did you use?
        I’ve been calling for a week straight and I can’t get through. Were you calling them constantly? Please I need some help.

        • Ronnie Casas

          Keep trying at the 2121 number between 9am-12pm. All I did was keep redialing and redialing until eventually I got through. Hope this helps😕.. good luck Selene!!!

          • Selene

            I got through! I made my reservations!!! :)

            Thank you so much! I am very excited! :)

          • Ronnie Casas


          • Jimmy Huffman

            Did you get camping or lodge reservations and for what month?

      • J.Vallejo

        How much time in advance do you have to make a reservation?

        • Ronnie Casas

          There are taking reservations for the whole year…

    • Jessika Fairbarn

      I’ve done this hike before and that’s exactly how it works. You don’t give them a cc or anything until you get to the town of Supai.

  • Bill Asoyn

    The reservation process is completely asinine. We called for 12 hours straight yesterday and are trying again today. What’s worse is that by the time we finally get through, all of the desired dates will probably be gone.

    • Jen

      When were you trying to go and what # did you use? This is my 2nd day and so frustrated!!!

      • Bill Asoyn

        we are cycling through all 4 numbers

    • Twinsfantravis

      If only there was a way to somehow have everyone go to a website and input their desired dates and then that website could maybe store those dates and let others know what is still available. Oh well, maybe our grandkids will figure out how to harness that power…

      • Bill Asoyn

        Haha exactly. Supai still receives its mail through the pony express (no joke), so that’s essentially what we are dealing with. :-(

    • Joanna

      That just happened to me! I’ve been calling every day since 2/1 and all June and July are booked (backpacking). Very frustrating, I’m looking for a new trip for this summer.

      • Jessika Fairbarn

        Me too! I did this hike 3years ago and I remember I had to call several times and use a couple different numbers but this year is insane. I’ve been calling 4 different numbers for 2 weeks and no answer! I’m trying to book for Memorial Day weekend. Anyone know if it’s booked yet?

        • Nick Gniadek

          I was trying to book for Memorial Day about 3 days ago they were booked through October so I just took some random dates in November. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow :)

        • HAF1

          Memorial Day becomes fully booked on the first day that reservations open. Speed dial is the only way I know to get a booking for that day, and be fortunate to get through.

      • JJ Meeks

        Hi! I just came back from my trip there. I was going to go a second time in July, but my group is deciding against it, so i am selling permits for July 8-10 (Friday -Sunday) email me if interested Jonathandmeeksjr@gmail.com

    • HAF1

      It is a challenge but having gotten through for years, I can compare it to trying to with concert tickets on a radio station contest. You need 2 more phones speed redialing continuously. Some years, I get in immediately. Other years, I don’t get in until noon or worse. This year on Feb 1st, I didn’t get through with 3 phones continuously re-dialing until 330pm. By then, one date in the week I wanted to reserve was no longer available so I had to shift my travel dates by one day. Another year, I didn’t get in until the next morning and all dates were completely sold out.

      The problem is that the village is serviced by an old 50 year old mechanical telephone switch. Not at all designed to handle a high call load. I’ve heard that the entire village phone system to the outside goes down on that day so that no one can dial out either.

      It’s worth the effort though. Using multiple phones and persistence almost guarantees success in getting though. It does take a concerted effort tho.

    • JJ Meeks

      hi there, i am selling permits for the dates July 8-10 (Friday – Sunday) please email me if interested =] Jonathandmeeksjr@gmail.com

    • Keisha Kamille Ebueng

      I have November dates if you want them

      • Daryl Rosenthal

        What dates in November? How many permits?

      • DeAnna Baldwin

        I would be interested in November dates. Please contact me: deannabaldwin@gmail

  • Jen

    I would be happy just to get through, this is my 2nd day.

  • Jen Wibs

    tried for 6 hours in 10 minutes intervals yesterday but nothing :( Trying again this morning. Anybody know the chances of getting a reservation for end of March?

    • Bill Asoyn

      us too–how many in your group for March?

      • Jen Wibs

        Just 2 for 1 night :/

    • Justin Steffen

      Tried for 6 hours, non-stop redialing, yesterday on two phones and about 4 hours today and have not got through. We’re trying to get two for March 25-28th.

  • Cassandra

    Is the $40 per room/per night deposit refundable?

  • Alina Kalinchenko

    Is there any chance to buy a permit for June 19-21 for two people? I reached the number, but our dates are not available :(

    • Jen Wibs

      Which number and how long did you call for?

      • Alina Kalinchenko

        2121 – Two days of constant dialing :(

  • David Stewart

    I tried all day as well. Sometimes it would have this really odd ring (long beeps) sometimes just busy and sometimes line out of order. I was assuming they were having issues with their phone system but based on the comments below I guess not. The question I have is how safe is leaving a car/truck at the hilltop for 2-3 days? I have done some searching to see if any has complained about break ins but don’t see anything not this. Anyone have any experience?

  • Jen Wibs

    anybody trying yesterday get through?

  • Marcela213

    This is a great guide! My boyfriend and I have been calling literally HUNDREDS of times for the past 3 days and the lines are always busy. We’ve also sent emails and nothing. It’s so frustrating and nerve-racking! Once I actually got a ring tone and it rang for nearly 5 minutes straight and then it disconnected!!! I wish they’d implement an online reservation system.

  • Mari

    I am so relieved to see that other people are getting as frustrated as I am! I called them about 6 months ago and they told me to call on 2/1/16 at 8am and I have had it on my calendar this whole time and have been calling and calling but nothing is happening! Let us all trust the camping gods and hope that our calls will be answered soon! Good luck to everyone, if I learn any tricks for getting through I will pass along. Cheers!

  • Scaria Arun

    Anyone have 2 extra permits/camping spots for March 16-19? Email if you can help out. scaria@me.com

  • Monica Hernandez

    It sounds like everyone has had a frustrating experience trying to obtain passes :/ I have been trying since Monday morning and still no luck. If you happen to have any cancellations or extra spots for two nights during March 19-26, please let me know :) My email is monhern1086@gmail.com. Thanks and good luck!!!

  • Alycia Worst

    I have been trying to call 4 different numbers since Monday and all have been busy. I am looking for dates this Sept. Can those of you that got through share with me what number you got through on? Also, curious about time frames that people secured dates for…..

    • Brandon Thorp

      I got through this morning on the 928-448-2121 number. They had limited dates available and were booked every weekend this summer already. I had to book a weekday trip just to be able to go.

  • Mandy

    Some of my group has been calling with no luck, but keep getting “your call could not be completed” message. Is anyone else getting that?

  • Jimmy Huffman

    After trying all week I finally got thru on Friday mid morning. They were fully booked for all of May and June. Many times I hit redail for up to almost 2 hours

    • Nick

      Was this for the lodge or Camping?

      • Jimmy Huffman

        That was for camping, have not been able to get an answer when calling the number for the lodge.

        • Chanda Wiedrick

          What is the name of the lodge on the hilltop?

          • Jimmy Huffman

            The lodge is at the bottom of the canyon in the village, the havasupi lodge

  • Colleen Wilkinson Runyan

    Having no luck getting thru to make a reservation. i get a normal ringtone, static and then another ringtone. Does anyone know if I should still sit on the line or hang up and try again. This is such a frustrating process!

  • Selene

    Ok so I called on 02/09/2014 starting at 7:15 I finally got an answer around 8:12 I downloaded an auto dial app for my iPhone and I just let calling. The lady that I spoke with said that they had some reservations for July, August, and November, but everything besides that is booked I got two rooms for three days and I paid 240 deposit. She also let me know that they are taking the calls for camping as well that is why they are taking longer to answer. They will send me a packet in the mail. I also asked for their fax number and it is 928-448-2348
    The number that dialed was the one the gentlemen in the comments section provides me with. It’s 928-448-2111/ please just be persistent and keep trying. I hope the info helps! :)

  • Brandon Thorp

    After calling every free moment I’ve had for the last week and a half, I finally got through. Had to book for a party of 2 on Monday, Aug. 1-2. Really wanted the weekend of June 10-13. If anyone has these dates and can’t make it, please contact me. I will gladly trade dates or work out another arrangement!

  • Joanna

    Reservations here are outrageous. I’ve been calling for days and days, cycling through all the numbers. I called and finally got through this morning, only to be told they are booked for all of June and July. There really needs to be a better way to let people know what dates are already sold out.

    If anyone is selling their passes, I am looking for the nights of July 4th, 5th, and 6th, for two adults.

  • Erica Brooks

    If anyone has a spot they’d be willing to sell to me and my friend at the campgrounds anytime in the last week of May, please email me at brookser@vt.edu I will pay lots. Unfortunately they are out of camping sites until August, as I’m sure most of you know.

  • Travis Dinh

    Anyone know if March 14-17 is taken? Those are spring break dates. If anyone can get me March 14-17 that would be amazing! Thank you! Been calling since the 1st and still cannot get through.

  • Travis Dinh

    Hello all, my friends and I are students and we couldn’t get reservations for March 14-17 during our spring break time. We did get reservations for 10 people on March 1-4, so if anyone is willing to switch dates with us that would be amazing! Thank you! Please contact me at teodinh39@gmail.com!!!

    • Rashmi Krishnamurthy

      Hi can you please sell a couple of spots to me? for march 4-5th

  • Trevor Winchester

    Anyone who wants to SWITCH reservation dates from March 14-17 to March 1-4 LET ME KNOW! I’m a student trying to fit my vacation within spring break so if anyone could switch that would be really great! Thanks!!!

    • Rashmi Krishnamurthy

      Hi can you please sell a couple of spots to me? for march 4

    • Holly McNatt

      Im a student too so I know how it is. if you still have the tickets for the 14th to the 17th please let me know. I will pay you for them. Email mcnatt@sonoma.edu

  • Bonnie

    I have reservations for March 4th,5th, and 6th, 2016. Looking to switch for any days from March 18-March 23 or willing to buy! Email me at b.chanx3@gmail.com

  • Dominique

    I got reservations today. They said that everything between Mid March-October is already booked/sold out. I have reservations for March 6th-10th for 15 people and would love to go in late June or September so if anyone wants to switch let me know! My email is dgarre72892@gmail.com

    • JJ Meeks

      hi there, i am selling permits for the dates July 8-10 (Friday – Sunday) please email me if interested =] Jonathandmeeksjr@gmail.com
      hope that may help

  • Josh Rouse

    I’ve been trying both the campground and the lodge nonstop for two days now, and I FINALLY got through to the campground… only to find out there were no spots left. He said they’re booked through May at this point. If anyone has 4-6 spots available on Memorial Day weekend, I’d be happy to take them off your hands! Email me at joshrouse@me.com.

  • Justin N

    I have a group of people going between March 24th-27th. From what I understand everything is booked up from March to October (Can anyone confirm?). Does anybody know if you can add people to an already existing reservation?

  • Ashley Oliver

    I am looking for two nights in between May 17th-24th for two people. I was finally able to get through this past Wednesday and of course the campground was booked clear through August. So I got September 6-8th booked so if anyone has room for two more or would like to switch for these dates just email me at ashleymo2017@gmail.com Thanks!

  • Carly Glazer

    Joining the discussion on the challenges of the reservation system here. My boyfriend and I have been trying to reserve for either April 16-18 or April 9-11 and we’ve been circulating through all the numbers for a few days to no avail. The website says that if you come without a reservation, the cost is double. Has anyone actually done that before? If you’re willing to pay the double price is there still a chance they’ll turn you away/are we taking a big risk if we do that?

  • Brittany Malugin Carlton

    Has anyone on here ever done this hike without a permit? I’ve read it’s as easy as paying double once you get to Supai but I’m very skeptical and that almost sounds too good to be true

  • Jimmy

    Looking for two nights in the camp ground for three people. The nights of May 12th and 13. If anyone is willing to give up those days let me know! All weekends and weekdays are filled up from now until Nov; I got through on the phone today on the first call.

    • Jimmy

      Just comment here!

  • Christopher Pfeiff

    Looking for any days between April and October. Finally got through after 3 weeks with an autodialer only to be told that everything is booked until November. Please contact me at cpfeiff@hotmail.com

  • Laura

    Someone finally answered and told me that everything is sold through November! I can’t beleive her ! How is it possible ?

  • Amanda Heider

    Just wanted to help out the conversation… I just got through on the 2121 number. They confirmed they are booked out until November, taking reservations for November, 1st. They told me they let 300 people in per day.

  • Veronica Robles

    Hi! has anyone taken their kids camping here? from the campground to the fall hike was it difficult? moderately doable? any feedback on your experience would be appreciated.

  • Rashmi Krishnamurthy

    Hi Does anyone have 1-2 spots for March 4th and 5th. Please let me know if you are planning to cancel or if you have any extra spots to sell. My email is rashmi19krishna@gmail.com

  • Nicole Terry

    After over 125 calls, someone finally answered. He was rude, short tempered and had no reservations until November. I guess they don’t want visitors there. I might look for an alternate plan to see those beautiful falls… There’s got to be another way!

  • Sophia Chan

    Finally got a hold of them after a few months of calling- apparently they’re booked until Nov 1st… :( Anyone have a pass for 3/26-3/27? It’s for a party of 2. I’ve been planning for a few months now and would really appreciate a pass! Please email me skc38@case.edu

    • Justin N

      I might have a couple extra spots for March 25th and 26th! Let me know if you’re interested in those dates! :)

      • Adrienne Alexandria

        Hi Justin,

        I was hoping to do this hike in June for my irthday but it’s not looking promising. Would you have two extra permits for March 25th and 26th? Feel free to give me a call to discuss. Adrienne 619-892-0057. Thanks a million!

      • Michael Barry

        Hi Justin, Did you have any members of your group drop out for your reserved trip dates? 2 people looking for 1-2 nights between March 25-April 2. Thanks!

      • Venkat Vala

        Hey Justin I would love to be there anytime. Just hit me up on 5719199036 if you still got the passes. Thank you man 😀

      • Holly McNatt

        interested, please email me at mcnatt@sonoma.edu if they are still available. Thank you

  • Robert Fleming

    Just got through to camping reservations about 40 minutes ago on the 2121 number and then right after that got through to the lodge on the 2111 number. No camping available until November no lodge until June or August.

  • Robert Fleming

    Looking for 4/29 and 4/30 for 2 people and 1 tent if anyone wants to sell. We are willing to go in with a larger group if needed.

  • Anhthu Tran

    I have an extra camping spot/permit available to sell for Mar 12-Mar 14 (2nights) because a person in my group backed out. Please email me at aptran06@gmail.com if you’re interested

    • Venkat Vala

      Hey I am interested. Please hie me up on 5719199036. Thank you.

  • Matt Mendenhall

    I don’t know when y’all are calling? I called the 2121 number. Answered after the second ring and got reservations for the 2 nights i wanted in June. Made the call 2/25/2016 at 9am. Good luck :)

  • Ashley Oliver

    I booked September 6-8th and I am looking to switch for 2 days in May between the 17th-24th. Email me at ashleymo2017@gmail.com or comment here if anyone is interested! Thanks!

  • Justin N

    Hey fellow hikers!

    Does anyone know of a good place to camp the night before heading down into the canyon? My group is going on March 24th (getting there late evening or night) and then hiking in on March 25th. Can we just plop down along the side of the road there?/Any good BLM land to camp on near the trail head. Thanks and happy hiking! :)

    • Jamie

      I’ve heard from another blogger that they pitched their tents right at the trailhead. That’s what we are planning on doing and I hope they’re right!

      • Justin N

        Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated 😀

  • Lilian Dinh

    Hello all, my friends and I are students and we couldn’t get reservations for March 14-17 during our spring break time. We did get reservations for 10 people on March 1-4, so if anyone is willing to switch dates with us that would be amazing! Thank you! Please contact me at teodinh39@gmail.com!!!

    • Holly McNatt

      did you get any responses? my spring break is the 14th through 17th as well so I was wondering if you plan on still going or if you made other arrangements

  • Rajah Jackson

    Looking for 1 night, 2 people. The night of 8/22 OR 8/23. If anyone can help out, please shoot me an email to Rajah.Jackson@yahoo.com. Apparently they are booked through November.

  • Elizabeth Alter

    Anyone have two nights they can’t use for two people in the coming months? We’re flexible, and willing to join a larger group. EAlter536@gmail.com Thanks!

  • Kelsey Szabo

    Looking for spots available any days June/July, if available please shoot an email !

    • JJ Meeks

      hi there, i am selling permits for the dates July 8-10 (Friday – Sunday) please email me if interested =] Jonathandmeeksjr@gmail.com let me know

  • Amanda Michelle Gabriel

    Can anybody please advise me on the basics of making this trip? Planning on visiting with my boyfriend and making the entire hike by foot to visit all three waterfalls. What do I need to do? Getting very confused…THANK YOU!!

  • Conor McCann

    A friend and I are looking to go and camp in Havasu April 25th and 26th, we emailed and will try calling tomorrow. But if anyone is selling their passes for these dates let me know

  • Jennie

    I’m beginning to think that this reservation process is a joke. Last year I called and they said they were not taking any reservations until Feb. 1st. nothing sooner. It is March 2nd and I finally got through their dang busy lines that I feel lasted for months on end. Their official site states you may contact them via email through the email provided. I emailed twice and no response since February. Today I was told that there is no openings until November 15th. A friend of mine said that they are taking advantage of the permits by giving them out to tours rather then just 4-5 in a group because they would make more of a profit through these tours. Also they would rather you show up so that you would have to pay double then what is stated on their site. So, if your planning to actually get a date to go in your out of luck. The only way you would be able to get a definite in is going through their tours and paying out of your ass for something you can basically do on your own. I’m beyond pissed at this point! If anyone decides to cancel or would like to add on 2 more to your party I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

  • Kelsey Szabo

    There is an organization called Tigabosupai that reserved the entire campgrounds for the dates of July 22-25. There are still open spots to reserve through them. its an extra hundred dollars than what you would normally pay but they are offering sunrise yoga, and a bunch of other workshops and activities to do while you’re down there. My boyfriend and I already registered. There website is tigabosupai.com

  • Vivian Pim Wise

    Coming by myself this weekend (3/4 to 3/7)!! Anyone?? Got my confirmation number 2 days before the trip! 😀

    • Rajah Jackson

      Meaning you called today? Did you just ask for cancellations?

      • Vivian Pim Wise

        Yes, correct! They had a cancelation today.

        • Rajah Jackson

          Lucky you! Congrats! Praying something like that happens as my desired date gets closer.

          • Vivian Pim Wise

            Good luck! I called in yesterday and they didn’t have it. Called in today again…. and…. I got it!!! :)

    • Venkat Vala

      Hey Vivian could you share the contact to whom you called? I am trying to reach them and it is nearly impossible. Thank you in advance

  • Andy

    Mike, have you (or anyone) been to Hidden/Secret Falls? I would love to know how to get there. Thanks!

  • Jamie

    Hi Mike, I was looking at your price listing and found another (VERY similar) one on the National Park’s website. The only difference it had was that there would be a 10% tribal tax on the Campground Fee and the Entrance Fee. Did you find that to be true? Thanks! My husband and I are going in September and we’re super excited!

  • Tinh Dang

    If anyone has 3 extras spots for March 5-6 please email me @ tmd002@ucsd.edu. Thank you! XD

  • Lauren Hockman

    If anyone has extra spots for March 6th-7th, please email me! laurenhockman@gmail.com Thanks!!

    • Lauren Hockman

      I just need 2

  • Venkat Vala

    Guys If any of you have an extra spot please email me on valavenkat1@gmail.com or gimme a call on 5719199036. Pleaseeeeeeee guys…

  • Lance Gore

    Looking for 2 permits for a Friday and Saturday in June, July or August. Will pay extra for the permits. Please contact me lancegore87@gmail.com call/text 405/406/5258. or reply to this post. Thank you.

  • Andres

    I called from February 20-24 and could not get anyone on the line. When I finally did get someone they told me they were reserved all through November…I am looking for the dates March 19-22 and if anyone has room in their party, my friends and I are willing to pay to join you. We are a group of 4. Please contact me by email at andres.sanchezq1001@gmail.com.

  • k1

    Hi …. We have camping permits for May 30 – 31 and would like to switch for May 28-29. If any one is interested in switching please email me – kvanam2016@gmail.com

    • Lance Gore

      If nobody switches with ya’ll, and you are not able to make the trip on the 30-31st, my wife and I would love to buy those spots from you. Please contact me lancegore87@gmail.com or call/text 405-406-5258. Thanks

  • Steven Adam Nichols

    I have to join in the crowd here. So I’m finally transitioning out of the Marine Corps after my 5 year contract. My terminal leave just got approved within the past week/week and a half. Since then ive cycled through 4 number mostly getting busy singals or just continual ringing. Every once in a while they answer. Each time its the same disappointing situation. The only chance i will have to be there is April 15th-18th and i will likely never be back to this side of the country again. Im driving from california back to my home in ohio and im not much of a traveler. But the situation remains that weekend is all booked up and everything else until november. I am a single person with a small tent. Ive gotten advise of alternate locations to stay such a fossil creek (no overnight camping) and little colorado river (near blue spring (the hike out looks too dangerous for a casual camper)). If anyone has any advice to offer it would be greatly apprecieated.

  • Holly McNatt

    So as of all of you explained, I tried getting through for days but was unable to just sit on my phone redialing (school and 2 jobs) so I was unable to reserve a camp spot for the week of March 11 th to March 17th. If anyone is willing to allow myself and my brother to Join there camp site any day during that time please email me at mcnatt@sonoma.edu or call 5307486538. I have been wanting to do this trip for a long time, it is my dream, and this is my last spring break before I graduate. I am willing to bring anything extra or help in any way I can.
    –In need of a helping hand,
    Holly M.

  • Blessy

    If anyone has a campsite for April 3rd that they are willing to sell or are willing to share their spot please let me know. It is just two people in my group and we have a small tent. Email me at blessy17@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance!

  • Vanessa

    My girlfriend and I are going to be in AZ September 18-25 and are looking for reservations for 2 to buy. If anyone has some that they would like to sell, please email me at vlrybicka@gmail.com. Thank you!!!

  • Rodrigo Lopez

    Hey guys, I am looking for 2 permits for any day in May-July or August and camping. I am willing to pay extra for the permits. Please contact me through email rodrigolopezmoreno@yahoo.com or text me at (619)920-3026. Thank you !!

  • Justin N

    This page is an awesome resource for info so I’m posting here yet again! lol.

    Does anyone know if you are obligated to pay for all of the spots that you reserved or if you just have to pay for the people that show up?

    I have 5 spots extra for camping March 25th and March 26th. Let me know asap, I’ll be canceling the last spots probably in the next day or two depending on when I get through.

    • Chris Shinwoo Lee

      Hi Justin! I need a spot for camping March 25th and March 26th. Could you share me a spot if you have extra? My email is leeshinw@stanford.edu and my phone is 650 492 3730. I really want to be there so please let me know!!

  • sierra

    Hi all! I am looking for 2 permits the first week of november (~2-4th) for my fiance and I. Please let me know sierra.beaird@gmail.com

  • Rajah Jackson

    FYI to those looking for a permit still, like myself (1 night, 2 permits 8/22 or 8/23), THE CAMPGROUND HAS IMPLEMENTED A WAITING LIST SYSTEM. This was started yesterday…you leave your name, number, day(s), and number of permits desired, and they’ll contact you back if anything opens up…

  • Rachel Rucinski

    I am looking for reservations for July 15-18 2016 if anybody has anything available please contact me asap I’m willing to pay

  • IH

    Has anyone just showed up and tried to get a permit? I am trying to go with a friend on April 30th or May 1st?


  • Kmvolk

    No luck on getting through the phone lines until it was too late…anyone looking to sell permits for March 29/30? Thank you. e. kvolk45@gmail.com

  • Stephanie Sullivan

    I got into the phone lines very easily but was pretty surprised to find out they’re sold out until November even for a mid week Tuesday camp! is the only other option a booked tour? I read some blogs that people just showed up but that’s a long hike to get kicked out!

  • laura

    I am interested in buying 1 camping permit for 2 people at any price. I would like to be able to stay a minimum of 2 nights but the longer the better. If anyone is interesting in selling their reservation confirmation number for ANY MONTH IN 2016 please email me at: lauraghiggins@me.com or text 909) 239 1438 thank you!!

    • JJ Meeks

      hi there, i am selling permits for the dates July 8-10 (Friday – Sunday) please email me if interested =] Jonathandmeeksjr@gmail.com

  • HazzyLizzy

    I just got back from this gorgeous paradise and when we got there their phone lines wouldnt syop ringing. They have about 2 people working the office and one person is handling check ins while the other answers the phone. Unfortunately, there are no more spots available for this year. My group and I called at least 200 times til one of us got in. We almost had given up. So glad we didn’t. Good luck everyone.

  • Laura Rose Caggiano

    Hey all, looking for 2 permits for 3 days in either august, september, or october. Any days would work and I will pay triple what they are worth. I tried calling constantly for the last two months and didn’t through until they were all booked :( text @ 5136937703 or email at laura.caggiano730@gmail.com

  • Terre Hyer

    Still looking for 2 permits for May 6th weekend.. A couple 31 super fit….Please text or call or email….tlhyer2001@yahoo.com or 904 400 1855

  • Brent Nicholson

    Hello, we are 2 people looking to go MAY, 12,13,14 or as close to this as possible if anyone can’t make there reservation or had a cancelation in their group please please please let us know, we are travelling from Canada and really would like to go to the falls…. Nicholsonbrent@hotmail.com

  • appaatakkar

    Hello everyone! Got the lodging yday for 4 days in August for the Supai Lodge. A friend of ours who were supposed to join will not be able to join during that time. The lodge can accommodate 4 people it seems, we are a party of 2. We can accommodate 2 more. Dates are between 5th August till 9th. If you are interested let me know – appaatakkar@gmail.com. Cheers!!!

  • Deanna Smith

    What happens if you just show up with out reservation? On the website it states you will be penalized by being charged double, I have read several blogs that say you will be escorted out. Does anyone have experience with this. I have been calling everyday since the lines opened on 2/1 I got through pretty quickly but was immediately told they were sold out April May and June, I have called everyday since looking for cancelations with no luck. My fiance and I are looking for 2 ppl 1 tent on April 24th and 25th. We are willing to pay a surcharge for a reservation if anyone has something available. We don’t want to be jerk and just show up but this system is very frustrating and seems to sell out a lot of bulk spots to tour groups. Email: smithybaked@gmail.com for offers or advice

  • Jonathan Phillips

    Completed this hike and the trail description written above is inaccurate. The total miles logged from hilltop to campground is 10.8 miles to account for the switchbacks at the very beginning. Those switch backs you only descend 1,000 feet and not 2,000 as listed. And the campground is not .5 miles away from havasu falls. Camp rests .13 miles after havasu, exactly 2.1miles from Supai and .8 from Little Navajo falls which will be the first waterfall along your trail. Also it should be noted that the pic on the banner is actually mooney falls and absolutely worth the scramble down. I hope this clarifies some pretty major descrepancies in the authors report. Enjoy all ……

  • Ronnie Casas

    I have one permit available for May 2,3. One of our parties in our group couldn’t make it. We are a total of 9. selling for $50…if interested send me an email…vegasnites77@yahoo.com ……regards, ronnie

  • ITWT74

    It’s our dream to go to Havasupai, but it’s full :-(
    If someone sells a camping place or lodge between september 4 to 23, I’m interested. Send me an email : jeremkn@gmail.com
    Thank you in advance

  • eddy

    Hi, Anyone selling permits for 2 adult on any friday thru sunday ? any time this year lol please email me at tvp480@gmail.com

    • JJ Meeks

      hi there, i just did this hike last weekend and i am selling permits for the dates July 8-10 (Friday – Sunday) please email me if interested =] Jonathandmeeksjr@gmail.com

  • Linda Wiedel

    If anyone has had a change of plans and has a camping permit for 2 adults available anytime summer-fall please email me! Much appreciated l.wiedel@hotmail.com

  • Michael Oramas

    Just got through, said they had no more reservations for the rest of the year. If anyone has extra camping permits for May 7th-9th or Aug 2nd-14th please email me at michael.oramas2014@yahoo.com

    • pinhoti

      Keep calling. Every day. You’ll eventually get your reservation. Afternoon is the best time to call.

      • Melanie Valenzuela

        They were booked till the end of November when I called, I kept calling to see if they had any cancellations and I was fortunate enough to get in for June. I would really recommend not giving up and calling every Thursday-Sunday early morning and seeing if anyone has cancelled. I called about 9am-11am

  • GaylePutt

    Before you hire horses/pack mules, make sure of their condition. A friend just returned from a trip to the falls and recorded the appalling condition of the animals. They were undernourished, had open sores where their ill-fitting packs rubbed them raw. They were harshly treated when “encouraged” to move on when they’d stop with exhaustion. Just check the condition of the horses of the outfit you use…..and go elsewhere if the horses/mules are not in great condition.

  • Joey Mecham

    Newly weds Looking for 2 permits any days in August email me at joeymecham10@gmail.com

  • kacyanders

    anyone have some extra spots on their reservation? looking to go but haven’t been able to get in. I’m flexible with timing! any suggestions would be great! thanks :)

  • pinhoti

    Finally got my reservation! But now I’m a little worried about hiking in solo after reading about the rather high crime rates. Anyone have any experience with hiking/camping solo there?

  • sulavdarnal

    i called today to reserve a camping site for a party of 4 for August 20th. you guessed it right, nothing is available. Representative said they are booked for the year! This is our first time and we absolutely had no idea how quickly they get booked. Now, as i am writing this, i am also trying to call the havsupai lodge and i dont think anyone is around that lodge at all. They haven’t answered to my rings for the past 45 mins. this is frustrating since we have already booked our flights. i am open to any suggestions my fellow hikers/campers/friends.

    • Melanie Valenzuela

      I did the same 1 month ago and wanted to plan for June and they were booked till the end of November, I kept calling to see if they had any cancellations and I was fortunate enough to get in for June 10 & 11 staying 2 nights and leaving Sunday. I would really recommend not giving up and calling every Thursday-Sunday early morning and seeing if anyone has cancelled. I called about 9am-11am

      • John Thornton

        Hello Melanie – would you be open to adding an adult couple to your party? I have been trying for months to get those exact dates to no avail… Thanks, please contact me @ Thorntonj1@my.normandale.edu if you are open to the idea!

  • Marianne Mansour

    Don’t go….there is a lot of people angry at how these people treat their animals….http://m.azdailysun.com/supai-horse-owner-charged-with-felony-animal-cruelty/article_37ef5abf-2188-55b1-9354-db0bf14b53d2.html

  • Delia Andronache

    Hi everyone, I am looking for entry and camping permits for 2 people, either 7-8 Oct, or 15-16-17 Oct. If anyone has a permit during these days, please contact me at delia.andronache1@gmail.com . Your help is very much appreciated!!!
    I just called and they told me they are booked for the rest of the year, but I can call back to check for cancellations. I am hoping to find some permits here.

    Thank you,

  • Kellye Lloyd

    Hey…I’m looking for 2-4 permits for Oct 2-9, 2016 if anyone finds they won’t be using theirs!!!!

  • wilver

    Anyone have end of August / early September permits they’re willing to sell. Looking at September 1st or the week before or after. Email me at wilver@wilver.net

  • Anh Tran

    Are they strict or check to see if you have more than 4 people in a lodge?

  • Nicole S

    If anyone has 2 extra permits for Friday, May 20 or Saturday May, 21 2016 please contact ASAP! Let me know any date before that and I will pay you. Contact me @ niadshelton@gmail.com. Thanks! :)

  • Jessi

    Has anyone tried booking online for the camping permits? I see there’s an email address to send info to….

  • John Thornton

    Does anyone have permits for any days between june 8 -12? If so please contact me at Thorntonj1@my.normandale.edu. Willing to pay a price!

  • Justin

    Looking for 2 permits for 1 or 2 nights anytime in the September 11th through 15th range. Email stringer86@gmail.com. Thanks!

  • Sarah Jane Collier

    On May 22, 2016, NINE horses, some of which were emaciated with open sores and wounds, were tied together for the long trek out of the #GrandCanyon packing gear for tourists that was likely too heavy fell off a switchback in #HavasuFalls. The horses were injured, some badly, and are in need of medical care. However, the Tribal Council Chairman Don Watahomogie has denied access to medical care for these animals. Perhaps he is angry because the practices of some of their most abusive packers, which he has allowed to continue for decades, are being exposed, and they are not allowing veterinary care in to help these poor pack animals. In April, Don Watahomogie was quoted in the Arizona Daily Sun stating that he knew about the abuse and that he needed time to correct it. We ask: Is 30 years long enough? And, is this how Watahomogie shows his commitment to addressing the abuse? Please call him, e-mail him and demand that he allow vets and their staff in to help these horses and that he lead the council to work immediately in providing necessary food and water to these animals as well as protection by stopping and prosecuting the most violent offenders, some of whom have been witnessed punching eyes out of pack animals (usually the right eye), whipping and beating with rocks, and being pushed over cliffs.

    Don Watahomigie’s email is htchair@havasupai-nsn.gov

    Please copy Vice Chairman:htvchair@havasupai-nsn.gov

    and Tribal Secretary:htsec0@havasupai-nsn.gov

    This is summer, busiest time for tourists. The temperatures will be 100+ degrees. There is still no water, food or shade at Hualapai Hilltop for the horses, mules and donkeys.

    Wildland trekking will be running trips using abused, starving animals making substantial profit doing so. Call them, e-mail them here http://www.wildlandtrekking.com/about-us/get-in-touch.html

    THIS ABUSE MUST STOP here and now and outfitters MUST be held responsible for the conditions of these animals too. Meanwhile, we thank those living in Havasupai who are taking care of their horses, mules, and even dogs. We know you want peace for all beings. We hope to help you get there.

    Please, share this video far and share wide. BE SURE to repost ALL the text with this video so that others know who to contact and how to help!

    Read more here

  • Adrienne Alexandria

    Hi All, I have two extra camping permits for June 6th through 9th. Email me at a.rodriguez1130@gmail.com if you’re interested.

  • Ryan Graves

    Looking for 3 permits 3 days/2 nights Oct. 14-16. ryandeangraves@gmail.com. Thanks, Ryan

  • Lindsay Barbier

    I finally got through but they said they are fully booked until the end of the year. I just want to hike in and out in one day, I guess now it isn’t allowed? Anyone else get this same information?

  • Shanna

    Hi all! Looking for TWO permits for Oct 21-23 or Oct 28-30. Please comment or email uniqueshanna@gmail.com.
    Meanwhile.. I’ll keep calling! Thanks & good luck, everyone!

  • Courtney

    Hi Everyone! I read about others taking the risk on walk-in reservations, but you have to pay more… does anyone have any experience/knowledge about this?

    I am looking for 1- 2 night permit between June 25-28 for 2 ppl, 1 tent. If you want to sell yours please email me at cjfrench12@gmail.com. Thanks!!!

  • Kelly

    I just tried calling and got through on my first try. They said that they are booked for the rest of the year & that hiking in and out in the same day is not allowed due to safety reasons.

  • Katie

    I JUST called (5 minutes ago) and cancelled a group of 5 permits for Aug 17, if anyone is looking for those dates.

  • Sean Shearon

    Just called and they aren’t allowing any day hikes and all camping is full for the year

  • narges zamani

    Looking for two permits for one night between July 12-14!!

  • tiyana briyana

    I have a few permits for July 2, 3. Shoot me an email @ tiyanabriyana@gmail.com if interested.

  • disqus_duENqKH4wa

    I just called and they picked up on the first ring!! LUCKY ME! Then stated that they are no longer accepting reservations for the rest of the year. If anyone wants to sell their permits, email me at busabascoupons@gmail.com. Thank you.

  • Sandy Gargac

    Please help a mom out….
    I am looking for two permits August 3rd and 4th. I want to take my teenagers! The oldest graduates next year and fear if I wait till than, she will be “too busy” to spend time with us. Send me an email sandygargac@comcast.net

  • Natalie Wolf

    Hello there, I am looking for a camping permit for 08/11-08/12, one night – 2 people. So if anyone is selling their permit or if you are traveling in a group and you can add people to it, please let me know :)

  • Elvis

    Hi there, Looking for a camping permit for 08/22 or 08/23, one night – 2 people. So if anyone is selling their permit or if you are travelling in a group and you can add people to it, please let me know :) elvisny19@gmail.com

  • Melissa

    I have never been there this is my first actual camping trip. What about renting a place near the falls?? I am sure there are other camp sites closeby. Can anyone explain why this would be a bad or a good idea. Thanks for the list this is great help!!:D

  • Michal Prilik

    looking for 2 permits around September 22 for one night! Please email me ~

  • Shelby Cross

    We are desperate for a permit to camp for the night of July 27th for 2 people if anyone has one available that they are looking to sell! Side note, does anyone know the actual fee for showing up without a permit? And has anyone actually been turned away the second they arrive without a permit?

  • Anna

    I am looking for two or four permits for September 3-5… I’m am flexible on whether it is a one or two night permit. Let me know if anyone is looking to sell them. aanderson9592@gmail.com

  • Sandy Gargac

    I just called reservation and they told me permits are not transferable so i just cancelled for august 3rd and 4th for two people.

  • Tushar

    Hi. Is anyone planning for a trip in mid/late August? I have been reading about thunderstorms during that time period and not sure if it would be safe considering flash floods.

  • Emraan Hasan Anik

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  • Megan Cole

    what time of year did you go?

  • Alejandra Franco

    Hi does anyone know if day hikes are still available. As in you hike down and take a late (not too late) heli ride back up?

  • S Ali

    We are looking for 2 permits for 1 night, September 16,17, 23, or 24. If anyone has them, please reach out to me. salibasic39@gmail.com or 515.343.0493. Thank you!

  • Husker Hiker

    Hi, I’m a Nebraska girl meeting some California friends in Arizona this fall to hike to Havasu Falls. Many of them have hiked before and are using the mules to pack their gear in & helicoptering out. I am a fairly experienced hiker and 10 miles with a 30ish pound pack doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Am I missing something? Can anyone with experience hiking in and out with a pack share their experience? I would appreciate any input! Thanks! I’m looking forward to this adventure!!

  • Diadema

    To those who are still looking for permits, just keep calling. I literally called them every hour for one week only to get a “No” every time, until one lucky day! I was able to get 6 permits for end of August, and another reservation for 3rd week of October. Just keep trying!

  • Linda Kochasuntorn

    Hey everyone! If anyone has 2 reservations for August 26th please let me know at Lindak0209@gmail.com

  • Jillian Franck

    My friend and I are looking for two permits for the weekend of October 8th. If anyone has any extra permits they are willing to sell even for one day please email me! JillianFranck@gmail.com We already purchased flights from Chicago and are getting very anxious!

  • Jacqui s.

    For those of you who were successful booking last year, What advice would you give someone looking to book April 2017? Do late April dates sell out very quickly? Would it be wise to fight the phone lines February 1st and 2nd to get my permit, or would it be better to wait a few days for the phone traffic to ease up a bit. Any advice will do! I know its early to be thinking about- since February is still several months away. But I want this SO BAD. So I’m getting my research in early…

    • ammeza88

      Any Luck?

  • Keisha Kamille Ebueng

    I have reservations for November 20-24, 2016 for 10 people if anyone wants it! or We are going the week before (November 13-16) and have 4 extra spots! I’d hate for them to go to waste. Email me if you want them! Kkebueng@yahoo.com or message me on Instagram: @keishawaitforitkamille

  • Diana Lazarte

    Hi, I’m looking for two permits for November 8-9 for my boyfriend and I. Please let me know if I can buy it off of you. Dianalazarte@gmail.com

  • evelyn su

    Does anyone have 1 extra spot for us to add in. On the dates of November 25-27.

    Thank you! please email me: evelynsu93@gmail.com

  • Gilbert vowell

    Would like 6 permits for late may or early June 2017

  • Gilbert vowell

    Anyone have any luck been on phone now since yesterday nothing but busy

    • Stephen Ramirez

      I have been trying with some friends, no answer at all.

      • Gilbert vowell

        I have three of us calling around the clock since yesterday

      • Gilbert vowell

        At this rate take any date I guess
        Need 6 for three nights camping

  • Adrienne Alexandria

    Hi All, I was able to get through and there were several options for reservations from now through July. Keep trying!

    928-448-2121 (2141) (2237) (2180)

    • Bhavin

      Can you tell me what number did you dial in ?

      • Adrienne Alexandria

        I reached through using the 928-448-2237 number, but try all of the above mentioned in my post

  • Karen

    2/4/17 Does anyone have any ideas on how to get through to get camping
    reservations for 2 nights around our 1 night lodge reservation for Mar.
    21-(only thing avail. when we booked few months ago) or even add another
    night at the lodge? We are coming from midwest and tried calling Feb.
    1st. for camping for reservations as we were told that calling starting
    2/1 was only option & couldn’t get through after trying all 4 lines
    many times for 3 days & then on checking web site, found they now
    had an online reservation option, but of course no availability round
    our lodging reservation. Thanks, Karen

    • Gilbert vowell

      All I know is call call call I have called since 2/1/17 500 times or more per day and have not got thru yet. I want to go any dates I can get .

  • Mi Chele

    DO NOT USE THE PACK ANIMALS. THEY ARE HORRIBLY ABUSED. There are petitions and websites that detail what is going on there and the tribe continues to do nothing.

  • Kimberly

    I got through to someone today and was able to reserve a couple of spots for November 19th and 20th. Has anyone been to Havasu Falls during this time? Just wondering how cold it is going to be.

  • Anthony Ulrich

    Does anyone know how much the it is to donkey your packs in and out? I’ve done this hike once before and it was awesome, but we definitely want to bring cooking gear and our slack line this time around!

  • Melissa Gelston

    Hi! If anyone has extra permits for the 2017 season I am extremely interested. Any dates for at least two nights(or more) and two people or three. Please email me mgelston0@gmail.com. Thank you!!!!!

  • LindseySF

    Hi all, I’m looking for a permit for 1 for May 20 if anyone is looking to sell. 256-698-5840, thanks!

  • Caroline Sølvsten Jensen

    Hi! If anyone is selling their permits for July or late june please contact me carolinesolvsten@gmail.com

  • http://www.seaofblush.com Diana

    This has been on my bucklist for years now!! but i’m kinda scared of hiking for that long!

  • http://angelicabbie.com AngelicAbbie

    This is definitely a bucket list item for me. Love it!


  • Kevin Michael Tan

    Looks like a complete adventure already

  • Monica Luna

    Anybody have an Idea of what food items they sell at the general store.

  • Anders Okholm Gadeberg

    Hi! If anyone has at least one extra permit in their group, please let me know! I would love to go, and i’m flexible for the rest of the year! Let me know on anders.gadeberg@hotmail.com

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